MIGO Ascender – The Stair-Climbing Robot Vacuum Cleaner

MIGO Ascender – The Stair-Climbing Robot Vacuum

Stairs Climbing & Cleaning|100% Edge Cleaning|9700Pa Suction Power|17N Mopping Pressure|Fully Enclosed All-in-One Base Station

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Meet Migo Robotics – Ascender, the world’s first robot vacuum and mop cleaner with stair-climbing capability. Equipped with a groundbreaking mechanical structure, state-of-the-art AI algorithms, a remarkably large-capacity battery, and a sleek, fully-enclosed all-in-one dock, the Ascender can automatically clean the entire house, including the stairs, without breaking a sweat.

  • Stair Climbing Tests
  • Cleaning Tests
  • Mopping Tests
  • Smart Cleaning and Obstacle Avoidance Tests
  • Passable Distance Tests
  • Auto-emptying Tests
  • Carpet Cleaning Tests
  • Mop Lifting Tests
  • Vacuuming and Self-cleaning Noise Tests
  • Map Construction Tests
  • Trace Recording Tests
  • Stairs Up and Down Continuously Tests
  • Pet Hair Treatment Tests

Ascender is designed to climb stairs of different heights (up to 8.7 inches/22 cm) flexibly and reliably. It navigates effortlessly over stairs, obstacles, and floor levels to clean your entire house hands-free. 

Ascender features a square-shaped body with motorized omnidirectional wheels that enable lateral movement capability, ensuring optimal cleaning of every edge. In addition, Its bottom brush, nested in the world’s first pivotable brushing system, pivots 90 degrees during lateral movement for effective cleaning, especially when picking up larger particles like coffee beans or pet food. 

With a market-leading suction power of 9,700Pa and working with both bristles and rubber roller brushes, Ascender thoroughly and deeply cleans various surfaces such as floors and carpets.

Ascender redefines your mopping experience:
· 17N downward pressure, 3X of a typical vacuum and mopping robot cleaner.
· 4-zone 3000 times/minute high-speed scrubbing.
· Automatic mop lifting by 0.79 inch (20 mm) on carpets.

Featuring a market-leading 12000mAh battery, the Ascender sweeps, mops, and climbs a grade slope of up to 5380 square feet (500 square meters) on a single charge*, achieving true hands-free and comprehensive full-house cleaning.

The slim and sleek 3.86 inches (98 mm) body design enables cleaning underneath furniture and reaching challenging areas while providing a comprehensive solution for a clean and tidy home on every floor.

Ascender redefines smart cleaning. At its core lies an HD camera, a high-precision LiDAR, and 6 ToF sensors, ensuring unparalleled navigational accuracy. But the true intelligence of Ascender comes from its advanced AI algorithms, seamlessly integrated with a powerful 5 TFLOPS AI computing engine. This synergy of hardware and software makes Ascender the most intelligent robotic cleaner, setting a new standard in environment perception, path planning, obstacle avoidance, and effortless, hassle-free cleaning.

Ascender detects the environment upon the first use to create the mapping, then efficiently plans cleaning routes and segregates different areas and rooms. It auto-recharges when the power is low and seamlessly resumes previous cleaning sessions even on different floors.

Ascender detects the environment upon the first use to create the mapping, then efficiently plans cleaning routes and segregates different areas and rooms. It auto-recharges when the power is low and seamlessly resumes previous cleaning sessions even on different floors.

Discover the Ascender app, available for Android and iOS devices. The app offers effortless control over Ascender, simplifying daily cleaning tasks. Customize your cleaning by setting no-go zones and designated cleaning areas, and schedule cleanings to seamlessly integrate into your routine. The app includes 3D map visualization for real-time insight into Ascender’s journey around your home. For added fun and precision, use the virtual joystick to guide Ascender to focus on specific areas needing attention. The Ascender app makes smart living not just convenient, but engaging and fully under your command.

Ascender also redefines the dock of a robot vacuum. The all-in-one, fully-enclosed dock merges safety with elegance, ideal for homes with children and pets. Enjoy quieter dust emptying with a noise reduction of 10 dB, and embrace convenience with a 60-day dust bag and spacious 3.5-liter water tanks for up to 30 days. Ascender is more than a cleaner; it’s a lifestyle upgrade for your home.

Experience effortless cleaning with our all-in-one dock. No more cleaning the robot after its rounds – enjoy a truly hands-free cleaning experience that brings unparalleled convenience to your doorstep.

Ascender seamlessly integrates into smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, supporting voice commands for various tasks (Apple Homekit via Matter 1.2 is pending). 

Ascender supports local operation, which allows remote control via a smart app even without an internet connection, enabling a more flexible cleaning solution anytime, anywhere, even offline.

Ascender can be set to recharge only during off-peak hours. Under regular usage, you can save over $100 in electricity costs in just three years.

Comparison Chart

Founded in 2022, we’re newcomers next to giants like iRobot, Ecovacs, and Dreame. Yet, our dynamism and passion drive us to create the ultimate robot for everyone. With support from leading VCs, we’ve assembled an elite robotics team, overcoming significant challenges to develop this groundbreaking robot vacuum. Crucially, Ascender is supported by one of the top robot cleaner manufacturers, ensuring robust supply chains, exceptional product quality, and a strong brand presence. From the bottom of our hearts, a huge thank you to all of our backers! 

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Risks and challenges

1. Manufacturing Delays: Delays in the manufacturing process could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, such as component shortages or production issues. To mitigate this risk, we have backup suppliers and built extra time into our production timeline. 2. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent quality across all Ascender Robot Vacuums is a priority. We have implemented a rigorous quality control system with multiple inspection stages and close collaboration with our manufacturing partners. 3. Shipping and Fulfillment: Complex logistics, including accurate cost estimation, customs procedures, and potential transit delays, may pose challenges. We have partnered with experienced logistics providers and will maintain regular communication with backers. 4. Regulatory Compliance: We have conducted extensive research to comply with regulations and safety standards. Unforeseen regulatory challenges may arise, but we will work closely with regulatory bodies to resolve them. 5. Scalability: Higher demand than projected could pose challenges in scaling up production. We have conducted capacity planning and established strong relationships with our manufacturing partners to address increased demand. We are committed to delivering a high-quality MIGO Ascender Robot Vacuum, and we will be transparent, proactive, and keep our backers informed throughout the process.Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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